I recently adopted a 7 year old dog that seemed to have a death wish. He ate soap, nails, and even ran into traffic on the freeway. I called Joanna in the hopes that she could help me know what he was thinking.

Turns out my new edition had more to say then just why he was acting out. Despite my efforts to provide him with a high quality food, he communicated that he was being malnourished. This was very unexpected.

After months of testing we have found that he has EPI, a disease where he is not absorbing the nutrition that I am giving him - just as he communicated to Joanna. I am very grateful that Joanna was able to communicate to my new family member and that we are now on the road to full recovery.
— Nikki Larson & Buddy
Joanna was of invaluable service in communicating with my beloved companion dog, Bruno. she sees, tastes and smells the juicy sensations of what it is to be an animal.

As old age claimed him, Joanna helped us work togeather to make the most of life and to prepare for his passing.

Bruno loved visiting with her, and I am forever grateful for her work with us.
— Patricia Morse

I wanted to thank you so very much for your communication with Rocky.

After the communication, he was just so happy! I could really feel just by the way he was looking at me and acting that he was so excited about having that opportunity to be “heard” so clearly. Thank you!“
— Elinor
My gratitude for our session with Nelson today is bottomless. He died very peacefully, just in the way he communicated he wanted. It was beautiful.

You are absolutely amazing at what you do, and I know that we will be speaking again.

Deep gratitude and appreciation,
— Bethany

Thank you! Monks has been noticeably more confident, Sophie less fearful.

We the humans too have a better understanding of how to communicate to the furry girls- all around a successful change! You are amazing!
— Rob, Keri, Ryan and the "furry girls"

Wow! What a difference your chatting with Slippers (my cat) has made. She is back to sleeping with me all night and no longer wakes me up to check on me with her claws in my face.

I am not a pin cushion anymore!
— Jacqueline D.
Thank you for your help with our new dog Bandit.

Your communication with her paved the way for her successful transition from life as a prized show dog to a happy adventuresome companion for us!
— Judy and Martin

There is such a positive change with Jack today. On our walk this morning it was obvious that he looked unburdened and lighter.

We have a much deeper understanding of Jack which makes us love him even more. Thank you so much.
— Geoffrey, Maria and Jack

The help you gave me with Rex and our agility training is unbelievable! I have implemented a few of the suggested exercises and training methods and see great progress. In fact, last Friday, out of 5 courses, he never dropped one bar or missed any contacts!!

We hardly ever go off course anymore but if we do, it’s clearly my fault - not an issue with uncertainty caused by my hesitation.

I am VERY pleased with the results and I think Rex is less frustrated with me!
— Tammy
My cat, Prana, was sick to her stomach for months. She vomited daily! I took her to the vet and had all the tests done, but never found anything wrong with her. Before Joanna did a reading for my cat she knew nothing about Prana but her name and had a photo.

I was so impressed with the accuracy of the information Joanna gave me about how Prana was feeling in her belly. Come to find out, Prana was picking up on me and my partner’s stress and did not know how to let it go.

I followed each step Joanna gave me in order to heal my cat’s stomach problems. Within a day, Prana’s symptoms went away and they have not come back since. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world, Joanna!
— Colleen

Since our session, I would say we are in a better place. Thanks to your insight, I’ve been more aware of his needs and have focused on bonding with him.

He spends more time downstairs with me and even approaches me for random hugs.

He is going on longer walks which is good for both of us!
— N.B.

“I want you to know how much the information you relayed to us helped “Whiskey” in her last months on this earth.

It was invaluable and for that I thank you.”
— Lisa and Jen

The information she was able to obtain from my pets has helped me develop a better relationship with them.

Knowing what they are thinking and what they need helps create balance and safe boundaries in our household. The information she provided on my horse has helped me overcome some fears I was encountering as a beginning rider.

I have no hesitation in recommending Joanna as a person capable and willing to help owners and their pets find answers to behavior and adjustment problems. She draws from years of experience working with animals and an open and willing heart.
— Michelle
horse in barn peeking.jpg

Pet photos shared along with testimonials have been changed as a means to protect client confidentiality