The code of ethics I abide by in my animal communication and shamanic practice 


1. To communicate and behave in ways that honor the sentience and free will in all life. 


2. To honor those who come to me for help with non-judgement, and be of service in ways that are in alignment within my scope of practice, my abilities and that honor my animal and human clients. 


3. To do what is within my power and ability to increase understanding between humans and animals and resolve problems that support all those involved with equality and authenticity.


4. To offer my assistance and to communicate with animals, only within the perimeters of a mutually agreed upon session. I communicate and offer energetic support with animal clients only when asked to do so by their guardians.  I do not talk with your animals without your permission. 


5. All private information regarding shared by clients or their animals is held in sacred confidence, unless I am legally required otherwise by law. 


6. I acknowledge that I can not help everyone. if I feel I can not help or communicate clearly with an animal, due to personal conflict, clouded communication channels or a professional conflict of interest, I speak this open and honestly to clients and do not proceed with translation or session for the animal or accept monetary reimbursement. 


7. I acknowledge that work with energy, spirit, and telepathy requires me to continually evolve, and grow spiritually and I am committed to personal and professional growth, continuing education and approaching each moment and session with a perpetual sense of wonder, curiosity and the chance to learn and grow.


8. I honor and respect the personal and spiritual beliefs of my clients, and work with clients in ways that honor them, and their faith and spiritual beliefs. 


9. I hold the understanding that both humans and animals have the ability to communicate in non-verbal ways and create profound healing for one another. I offer animal communication in ways the cultivate and validate my clients own communication skills, rather than to create a co-dependence on my services. 


10. I believe in the power of energetic support and traditional veterinary medicine.  I offer this work as a complement to other forms of care for animals, not as a replacement to them. 


11. I operate only within my scope of practice. I translate for animals offer insight to what your animals are thinking and feeling within the energetic and spiritual realms. I do not offer diagnosis or treatment physical or mental illnesses for animals or humans.