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Energetic Boundaries 101

A fun, colorful, refreshing approach to energetic boundaries


This book will help you to build a natural energetic boundary that will support you in coming out from behind the energetic walls and shields and to step out of the protective bubbles, you have outgrown.

Energetic protection walls, shields and bubbles many of have learned to rely on to protect us, as sensitive or empathic people have served us, for sure! They have held us in safety, as we learned to feel and sense our energy, discern what is us and other, and they offered their service to us as a protective womb as we grew. But for most of us there comes a time when we are ready to evolve and learn to create a flavor of natural energetic boundaries that support us to come out of hiding and live as whole, present compassionate beings.

Because in truth, how much positive change can one make in the world, from inside of a protected bubble or from behind a shield or wall?



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