Hi, I am Joanna...

I am a writer, teacher, intuitive shamanic practitioner and animal communicator.  

I have been shaped & molded  over the course of my lifetime to see, feel and collaborate with spirit and earth to tend to matters of intuition, spirit, energy and communicate with nature and animals with profound reverence and awareness of the sacredness and interconnectedness of the whole of all life. 

In my work as an animal communicator, I serve as a bridge, as a navigator and guide to the subtle energy realms of spirit, intuition and telepathic animal communication.  I help you communicate with the divinely furry, fluffy, scaly and feathery teachers in your life so you are both able to get the most learning and sweetness from your time together in this life. 



My story and education 

My first teachers in healing and intuitive development came directly from nature, the spirit and fairy realms. In addition to my amazing spirit and animal teachers, I began my formal training in the physical realm in energy intuition, Reiki and intuitive development starting at the age of 12.

Over the past 20 + years, the focus of my professional training within the field of intuitive and shamanic arts has been received in private and group apprenticeships, thousands of hours of class time, initiations by both human teachers and spirit; with the focus of my study being shamanic practice & healing, intuition development, animal and nature communication and telepathy, bodywork and massage therapy (for humans), physical and energetic anatomy, energetic boundaries and ethics.

Even after years of extensive study, I still consider myself a student. I am blessed with a passion to learn and have been blessed with many strong teachers and allies.  My teachers both spirit and human have taught me both healing technique and how to walk with integrity and honesty in facilitating healing and teaching. 



Outside of the office

I tend a small organic garden at home and am lover of bees, nature, forest and listen to the perfect amount of gypsy punk rock music to keep me on my toes. I live in beautiful Bellingham, Washington with my beloved Steve, my husband of over 15 years and our animal family, Sue a black-labish dog who really loves a good run in the woods, Bernard a chow–bulldog mix that can bark louder than anyone I know and our beloved house cat Miss Kitty, who loves being simply our house cat extraordinaire.  

You can find out more about my books, classes and my healing practice at www.JoannaSchmidt.com


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