Interview with an Animal Family Constellations Facilitator

In this post, I share an interview with Sabine Olsen from Aldergrove, B.C. and learn about her incredible work with animals using a powerful, yet not very well known healing modality called Family Constellations. I am thrilled to share this short interview where she shares about this healing method and how it works and explore the similarityies  and differences with shamanism. 

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A support suit for pets like no other

When our dogs get old, if you are like me, you will do whatever it takes to help them get the most our of our precious time together. In this post I share the most amazing dog support harness I have ever seen on the market. 

If your dog needs a hand jumping up, getting into the car and climbing stairs this dog suit will do the trick.

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Tips on asking your pets questions in a communication session

What to ask (and not to ask) your pets in an animal communication session 

There are SO many things we wish we could ask our animal friends. However within the context of an animal communication session, not all types of questions can be answered.  Getting a better understanding about what we can ask them and how to ask it within an animal communication session will help you get the most from your next pet communication session. 

1. Above all, it is important to know that....

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The difference between Telepathy and Mind Reading

There is a long-lived myth that telepathy is mind reading, to clear it up here and now, it is not. While this misconceived,  Si-Fi understanding of what an animal communicator can do is sort of fun to think about, it is not based in any way in reality! Let's have a look at what animal communication really is and how it works. 

Animal communication is simply put, a mutual conversation that occurs outside of what we can see with our normal, every day....

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