Animal Allies

The animals in your life are the ultimate mirrors into your own soul. They reflect to you your humanity, your infinite ability to love and be loved and at times even reflect to you the aspects of your own life and soul that need tending. And...there is the fur, the tails, the fins and scales to lure us into submission to love and tend to their every need.


Animal communication helps you hear what your best-animal-friend has to share with you, what they are thinking, feeling and needed to live the best life possible. Animal communication uses telepathy an unspoken language used by all living beings that shares information using feelings, mental pictures, emotions and vibrations to communicate and connect.



Magic happens when we give our animals time to share what is in their hearts and minds.

Bonds deepen.

Friendships evolve.

Collaborations form.

I communicate with animals and translate what is in their heart and soul. My specialty and passion for this work is in helping humans and their animal teachers work better as a team.

I want you both to have the needed tools to feel resourced as equal collaborators in times of transitions; within the home, family, adjusting to new pets in the home, transitions of age and navigating chronic illnesses. 


What animal communication offers you & your animals

The chance for your animal friend to share what is in their heart, their joy and pain and everything in between.

A compassionate, sacred space to communicate with your best-animal friend.  

Skill building. Assist the you, the humans in reconnecting with your inner animal communicator.  

Support for both you and your animal friend in understanding the learning and healing you are here to create in this lifetime for one another.


What an animal communication session is like

You and I will talk on the phone while I translate for your animal friends, using a photo that you have emailed me of them.


I offer this work over the phone because even the most well adjusted animals are more comfortable and ready to talk when they are in the comfort of their own home, without the distraction of a visitor.


Over the phone I am able to maintain a clear and uninterrupted connection with your animal during a session and the healing we create for them will be received while they are in a deep place of relaxation. 


I help you understand what your animal companions are trying to tell you

and help you work with them as the wise-teachers they are.

For so many of us, the pets in our lives have so much to teach us, as they equally learn from us. Through the course of our relationship with our pets, there are so many lessons to uncover about unconditional love, trust, partnership, friendship, healing, and living with authenticity, until which time the lessons shift to lessons of staying present with processes of end of life transitions, grief and letting go.

I love helping people better understand the deep wisdom life-lessons their animals are here to share with them, and I love teaching people how to better communicate with their animals using animal telepathy. Because as humans beings - even basic telepathic skills equips us to work with our pets as equal partners and discover and utilize the profound shared learning and personal growth your time together holds.  


All sessions are offered at a distance, over the telephone. 

The best way to request time with me is to use the link below to schedule using my online schedule. Simply follow the link, choose the time that works for you.

To make it official, I will also need a photo/s of your beloved critters emailed to me at mail to:

I do not offer lost animal sessions. 


Communication for one Pet

1 hour @ $125.00

Phone session for one amazing animal teacher in your life

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Communication for two pets

1 hour 15 minutes @ $150.00

Phone session for up to two amazing animal teachers in your life


Communication for 3 pets

1 hour 30 minutes @ $190.00

Phone session for up to three of the amazing animal teachers in your life

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Check in session  

30 minutes @ $65.00

For one returning animal client that I have communicated with in the 6 months