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Bellingham Animal Communicator

I help you understand what your animal companions are trying to tell you

and help you work with them as the wise-teachers they are.

I believe the connections with our animal companions are sacred. The animals in our lives help us grow, learn, heal and teach us every day how to be better human beings.

As an animal communicator, my specialty and passion for this work is in helping humans and their pets work better as a team especially in times of transitions, life changes and challenges.  

If you are new to me or this work, pour yourself a cup of tea and have a look around. A great place to start is my blog, where you will find a ton of articles about animal communication and even a few tips to help you have a chat with your pets! 


New on the pet blog…

Give her the gift of being heard.

Your animal friends may be the wisest beings you know. Give them the gift of hearing what they have to share about their life. 

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